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Our Products

Nylon Monofilament Bristles

Bomabay Trading Corporation having mastered the science behind producing high quality monofilaments, we have recently launched our latest product line - high quality monofilament bristles. Bombay Trading now manufactures bristles made of nylon 6, nylon 66 and  nylon 612 specially customized to meet your needs.

Nylon 6 Bristle

These are monofilaments extruded from nylon 6 granules manufactured from caprolactum which is a petroleum by-product.
these are used in bottle brush, baby brushes, nail paint brushes, etc as they are soft in nature.
Various applications of this product is possible.

btc introduces series of bristles :
  • perfect round
  • flaggable bristles.

Nylon 66 Bristle

Same as nylon 6 but these bristles are tougher, stronger, longer durability and therefore more expensive.
These are widely used in toothbrushes and for various kind of superior quality brushes.
These bristles can be availed in full lengths of 1525mm or in various cut sizes as per the requirements of the customer. Poly butyleneterephtalate bristles are also manufactured at our end.

Nylon Monofilament For Fishnet

We are offering nylon mono filament for our customers with outstanding features. These nylon mono filament are appreciated for their unbreakable quality, abrasive strength and extra length for the given weight. As per the performance these products gives very high performances in these range. We customize our range as per mesh size and weight as the requirements of our clients.

  • High performance
  • Unbreakable strength
  • Extra length
  • Customized size and weight

PP Bristles

Bombay Trading Corporation one of the leading Polypropylene PPT bristles manufacturers in india. We offer PP bristles in crimped and plain types as required by our's customers. Polypropylene is versatile and easy to process material. It has low density and high stiffness due to which it gives excellent work performance. It is available at moderate price.

Crimped Nylon Bristles

we are one of the distinguished manufacturers of crimped bristles. Our crimped bristles are perfect for the easy cleaning of the dust particles and trash.  We customize the shape and sizes of our product as per the requirements of our clients. Moreover, we offer these bristles at a very affordable price to our customer.

  • Multi purposes use
  • High quality raw material
  • Durable

PBT Bristles


Nylon Brush

Bombay Trading Corporation having vast experience & existence in the market of over four decades , we have diversified into trading business as well. A range of products are available for trading which are enlisted below...
From toilet cleaning brushes to nail paint brushes all can be procured and made available as per customer requirements with assurance of required quality standards.

Lancer Disposable Razor

Twin Blade disposable razors are manufactured by T.T.Blades maintaining high quality standards. These can be made available in pouches of 5,10 or any specific packing as per customer requirement.
The blades are made from cold rolled steel which is specifically manufactured for razor blades.

Tooth Brushes

All ENSOR toothbrushes and LANCER toothbrushes are available in :- 
Opaque and Transparent handles of seven different colours. Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange and White. All toothbrushes have rounded end bristles of two different colours. White and Milkywhite.
The bristles are of THREE qualities :-
Soft Bristles ideal for sensitive gums removes plaque effective, gently and safely massage sensitive gums massage sensitive gums without damaging tissues. Also available in Medium and Hard quality bristles to suit individual requirement.
Toothbrushes are available in different packing styles :- Blistered Packs, Case Packs, Box Packs.

Shaving Brushes

We are offering shaving brushes to our customer which are of very high standard. These shaving brushes are made of high quality raw materials which makes it more comfortable and easy to use. Apart from these, these brushes create a rich lather and ex-foliate the face simultaneously. Moreover, these brushes enhances nostalgic effects while shaving. At the same time these brushes also distributes and completes the coat of shaving soap lather very efficiently.

  • High quality raw material
  • Enhance nostalgic effect
  • Creates rich lather
  • Effectively ex-foliate the face

Ensor Shaving Brushes

Shaving Brushes made up of Nylon Bristles Extra Soft High quality.

The handles are specially designed for better grip and easy handling.
These Brushes stands 3.5" high. It's available in Plastic Handles of MAROON, WHITE and TRANSPARENT COLOURS.

New soft yet prim Nylon Bristles to work up a quick rich lather.
Unbreakable Handle.
Comfortable Grip.

For a Smooth Shave :
1. Wet you face with warm water
2. Apply shaving cream\gel.
3. Work up a rich lather with the shaving brush.
4. Do not dip shaving brush in boiling water.
5. Squeeze dry after use.

Lancer Razor Blade

We are offering the best quality razor blade to our customer. These razor blades are made of stainless steel to get the best output. Used in various purpose like shaving & surgery. Our range of products are extra smooth gives proper grip because of the design. We customize our products as per the requirements of our clients.

  • Extra smooth
  • High quality material

Ensor Deluxe Double Edge Blades

T. T. Blades also manufactures double edges blades made of high quality imported steel with platinum teflon coating at the edge to prevent rusting and provide smoother and closer shave.